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August 2017  
Praxis 02. This is another exercise I did recently. Idea came from tutorial I watched on Helloluxx.com. Ilir Beqiri showed a technique of building and rigging a Rubik's cube using Xpresso in C4D. It's quite elaborate and surely worth to watch by anyone interested in Xpressso. After I have explored technique he talked about I decided to push the whole idea of abstract cubical forms little further and created this short animation.
July 2017  
June 2017  
Travel illustration.
June 2017  
Happy Valentine's bumper. Short opening animation. 3d letters have been created in C4D and exported to Blackmagic Fusion. Lighting, shading, animation and compositing was done entirely in Fusion.
Happy Valentines bumper
May 2017  
Poster design. CG model of a harp beautifully rendered in Indigo RT. Everything composited in Photoshop.
March 2017  
I have been honing my modelling skills recently. This shaver model was created in C4D.
electric shaver
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